Standards of Conduct

On November 10th, 2011, the Supreme Court of Iowa at the recommendation of the Iowa State Bar Association, the American Academy of Alternate Dispute Resolution Attorneys, and others, replaced chapter 11 of the Iowa Court Rules, “Rules Governing Standards of Practice for Lawyer Mediators in Family Disputes,” with new standards of conduct for meditors. The current standards have changed little since their adoption in 1987. The new standards mirror the 2005 Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators with one exception. The court added a provision concerning the scope of the rules. This provision provides that the “standards apply to mediators who are lawyers licensed to practice law in Iowa, mediators who participate in any mediation program approved by a court of this state, and mediators in any matter required to be mediated by an Iowa court order or rule.” The standards for mediators in the prior version of chapter 11 applied to lawyer mediators in family disputes only. The new standards took effect January 1, 2011.

Click Here for the revised Chapter 11 of the Iowa Court Rules- Adoption of Standards of Conduct for Mediators Summary

The Iowa Association of Mediators has adopted the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators developed and approved by:

  • American Arbitration Association (adopted September 8, 2005)
  • American Bar Association (adopted August 9, 2005)
  • Association for Conflict Resolution (adopted August 22, 2005)

Click Here to view the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators from the Association for Conflict Resolution website,