New Member Application Form

Membership dues are $50. Dues are paid annually in January of each year. We regret not being able
to prorate initial dues payment included with your application. However, new member dues paid
after October 1 of any year will be considered as dues paid for the following membership year.
Dues support conferences, the web site, and operational expenses of IAM. Dues will not be used to
support any political party or candidate.

Membership includes a member edited web page on this site. This helps other members and the
public (if you choose) to be in touch with you. This page includes member profile information and
an opportunity to upload a photo along with a personal paragraph or two about the member. New
members will receive ID and password information soon after a membership application and
payment are received.

Please keep profile information updated as this is the only way IAM and others can keep in touch
with you as a member. Also, IAM reserves the right to alter any information presented on its web
site. Any member listing themselves as certified must also provide information regarding the source
of certification.

Qualified individuals who are current IAM members may

New Member Application

  • The Application Process Is Not Complete! After submitting this form you will be directed to a secure payment page. Thank you for joining IAM!!