Certification Renewal

To be re-certified:

1. A certified mediator will verify attendance at IAM approved training (see Iowa Approved Trainers
on website for list), and/or continuing mediation education workshops, conference or similar
activities, totaling not less than six hours. The six hours shall include at least one hour in mediation
ethics and one hour in domestic abuse and/or power imbalance issues. Up to 12 continuing
education hours may be accumulated and applied to certification requirements in the following two

2. Request for IAM re-certification shall be accompanied by a yearly fee of $50 payable to IAM.
This re-certification fee of $50 is due each January 1st. Any new payment of $50 will cover the fee
until the following January 1st regardless of the date of the re-certification.

3. Annual regular membership renewal fee is $50.00. If the membership dues were paid between
October 1 and December 31 of the prior year renewal of the membership dues is not required.

Certification Renewal Form

  • After submitting this form you will be directed to a secure payment page.