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Iowa Association of Mediators Spring Conference
May 11, 2018

The River Center
340 SW 3rd Street, Des Moines

Join us for a rare full-day workshop with Larry Dressler!

Standing in the Fire: Strategies for Staying Cool in High-Heat Situations

There are few things scarier than stepping into a room of people who are polarized, enraged, or hopeless. In these moments one must draws on more than skill alone. The truly masterful mediator must be able to stand in the fire and be the calm, clear, patient presence that enables others to discover common ground and to heal. In this full-day, hands-on seminar author and veteran facilitator of high-stakes meetings, Larry Dressler will  share specific principles and practices that enable you to show up in the most challenging situations.

During this day-long seminar you will learn:

  • How to anticipate when you will be walking into a “high-heat” situation
  • Common hot-buttons that weaken the effectiveness of mediators
  • Six inner capacities you can build for standing in the fire of conflict and complexity
  • Specific personal practices you can adopt to become a less reactive, more resilient mediator

Our presenter, Larry Dressler is the author of two books on conflict and collaboration. He is a private consultant and an Adjunct Faculty member at in the Masters Program for Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management. A dynamic presenter and master story teller, he has trained group process and conflict resolution professionals throughout the world, including in Japan, China, and the UK.  Over the past 25 years Larry has consulted with Nike, Facebook, Nissan, New Belgium Brewing, One Percent for the Planet and many other companies striving to build more collaborative, transparent cultures.  He is the recipient of the Global Facilitation Impact Award presented by the International Association of Facilitators.  For a preview of Larry you can see his 3 minute video here

Hotel Accommodations:

The Residence Inn Des Moines Downtown is offering a group rate of $150 per night for conference attendees. The last day to book the group rate is Friday, April 20, 2018. Click here to book your group rate.


$175 for members ($150 before April 13th)
$225 for non-members ($200 before April 13th)


14-Hour Collaborative Law Training*

May 16-17, 2018

This two-day training is for mediators, collaborative professionals, attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, therapists, and child advocates

Attorney: Approved Iowa Attorneys 15.75, CLE 1.5 Ethics

Christine Crilley presents a comprehensive training that will form a foundation for your collaborative law practice.  Collaborative resolution occurs when parties work together as a “team” to reach a mutually agreeable solution. Attorneys facilitate the process for their clients and other “team” members in Iowa may include other collaborative professionals such as financial planners, CPAs, and child specialists (some jurisdictions also include mental health coach).

The training will help you to develop a basic plan to set up a collaborative practice or to use the knowledge gained to become more effective with other people that you encounter or facilitate a dispute resolution process.

*This training meets the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Minimum Standards for a Collaborative.

Collaborative Professionals: Additionally must have at least 6 hours of mediation training and some collaborative organizations require 40 hours of mediation training. Be sure to check the requirements of the organization that you are planning to join.

Training Location:
Crilley Mediation & Law Center
320 Miller Road
Hiawatha, IA 52233

Crilley Mediation Services also offers ACR Nationally Approved 40-Hour Family Law Mediation Training.  Next mediation training will be held March 5-9, 2018. For details visit: www.CrilleyMediation.com, call our office at (319) 363-5606 or email cmm@crilleylaw.com.

Coaching Emotional Positivity during Mediation & Dispute Resolution

May 24, 2018

This training is for mediators, collaborative professionals, attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, therapists, child advocates, parenting coordinators, human resources, and social workers.

You probably know your I.Q. but do you know your E.I.?  E.I. is your Emotional Intelligence – your ability to know, recognize, and monitor your own emotions and recognize the emotions of others. You use your E.I. information to guide your thinking, behavior, and responses to others; it helps you know when to sympathize and when to empathize. Your E.I. affects how you conduct a dispute resolution session, how you relate to participants and how you relate to the attorneys representing the participants.

Recognizing your E.I. and learning how E.I. affects your sessions will assist you to coach emotional positivity during conflict resolutions. As facilitators, we strive to offer productive, positive, and beneficial sessions.  E.I. awareness and training offers one more skill to enhance sessions.    

This training will be in a workshop style, giving you an opportunity to learn about your E.I., and E.I. in general, so you can enrich your conflict resolution sessions. Positive E.I. (high E.I.) has significant impact on mental and physical well-being which certainly is a good thing for you and your participants.

Training Location:
Crilley Mediation & Law Center
320 Miller Road
Hiawatha, IA 52233

Crilley Mediation Services also offers training in ACR Nationally Approved 40-Hour Family Law Mediation Training, Collaborative Law, and Parenting Coordination. For dates and details on these and other trainings and seminars, visit: www.CrilleyMediation.com, call our office at (319) 363-5606, or email cmm@crilleylaw.com